Once upon a time, there was a girl who liked to play videos games. She met a boy who also liked to play video games. They fell in love and got married. They bought a house and got a dog (RIP). They made a couple of little people who, you guessed it, also like to play video games. They bought those little people some Sea Monkeys (RIP), they moved, got a fish, another dog and then another, a tadpole (RIP) and played some video games along the way. Now, they live in San Jose. Here are a bunch of pictures of their lives.

Click on the numbers at the top of the page to get started. If you want to see how they all looked back in the early days, click here: (2005-2010)

Oh, they went on vacation a few times, too. Click here if you want to see pictures of them having fun!

Click the pictures in the sidebar to see other stuff they do. Like make lunchtake pictures, and fix up the houseThey fixed up their first housetoo.

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