We had almost given up hope.

By the time we saw this house, we had already been looking for a couple of months, had seen about 50 houses and we were getting very discouraged. There just didn’t seem to be a single house in San Jose that would fit our criteria. Granted, we were asking for a lot - four bedrooms, 2 baths, 1800+ square feet, a family room AND a living room and a back yard...maybe a pool. Oh, and we wanted to be able to pay for it too!

We were about to lower our expectations and settle for a smaller house or one that was farther away from Todd’s work when we took a second look at this house. It had all the rooms we wanted, it had the set up we wanted and it had a nice yard - ok, so it was kind of ugly and it certainly needed some updating inside, but other than a lack of pool, it really had everything we were looking for in a house. Once I realized that I really didn’t need a pool - which came as a bit of a revelation - we decided to make an offer. About three weeks later, we closed - with a lot of help from everyone involved. Now the real work begins. Todd has no idea what he’s in for.


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